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    Affordable Ramen in Davao City: Ramen House

    affordable ramen in Davao City

    Finding good food to beat the rainy day blues? Worry no more because Ramen house offers affordable ramen in Davao City.

    Ramen is a noodle soup that is popular in Japan. It is a common craving during cold breeze and heavy rains.

    Dining at Ramen House is a must-try experience. For as low as PhP 99, your cravings will be satisfied. I guarantee you that the budget-friendly ramen does not compromise its taste.

    We tried their Miso Pork Ramen and Spicy Beef Ramen.

    Miso Pork Ramen
    Spicy Beef Ramen

    The broth of both soups are really tasty. Noodles were good as well. Through trying different ramen in Davao City, professional chefs said that the taste of broth and noodles, and how they complement each other determine the quality of ramen.

    Aside from ramen, we also ordered California Maki and Chicken Yakisoba.

    California Maki

    I will recommend that you should also try their yakisoba. It is a Japanese stir-fry noodle mixed with vegetables.

    Chicken Yakisoba

    We were so unfortunate that night because their gyoza, shushi and sashimi were out of stock.

    My friends and I were really satisfied not just with their food but also with the ambiance of the place. RADWIMPS songs are being played around.

    Ramen House is really a good place to dine together with your friends and loved ones during this rainy season.

    If you wish to dine at Ramen House, here’s a copy of their menu.

    Photo from Ramen House

    For more inquiries and concern, you can message them through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ramenhousedvo.net.ph/.