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    Best Organic Dishes in Davao City


    Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen Restaurant is one of the best places that offer organic dishes in Davao City.

    Apart from its mouth-watering food, its ambiance is filled with recycled and reused materials. 

    Balik Bukid also allows you to have the best quality time with the people you are with. While waiting for your orders, you can play classic board games such as sungka, chess, and snakes and ladders with your family and friends.

    Organic dishes in Balik Bukid

    At dinner time, we ordered one of the house specialty of the restaurant, Balay Bukid Salad.

    Balik Bukid Salad

    For as low as PhP 220, you can share the healthy plate of vegetables for 2-3 people. 

    Balik Bukid salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes, toasted croutons,quail eggs,cucumber and homemade cheese. What’s more, it has pesto Mayo as its dressing.

    We feasted on chicken wings, nilagang baka, sinaing ng Batangas, chicken skewer, and their must-try sizzling veggie.

    Chicken wings
    Chicken Skewer
    Sizzling Veggie

    All the food that we ordered is tasty and really satisfying.

    Balik Bukid’s sizzling veggie has a unique taste that will make you crave more of it.

    Anyone who can taste this dish will surely be a veggie enthusiast.

    For beverages, don’t go home without trying their Roselle juice.

    Eco-friendly interior design

    As you enter the place, you can observe that the eco-bricks are used as an alternative for hollow blocks. Plus, the chairs and placemats are made up of recycled tetra packs and wrappers. The tables are made from recycled old doors,sewing machines, and iron boards.

    Further, locally made paintings were mounted on the walls.

    They also have a souvenir shop that promotes eco-friendly items such as bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, cutlery, tote bags, and tumblers.

    Even more, they sell beach shirts, tops, slippers, anklets, earrings,necklaces, and wallets that are made by Mindanaoan  artists.

    The unique concept of the restaurant encourages you to walk around the place to appreciate it.


    In terms of their services, the crews are very friendly and accomodating.

    One of their crew introduced to us some games that we can play while waiting for our orders.

    The crew showed and explained to us the rules of sungka.

    What I also love about the place is that they do not promote the use of WiFi.

    I commend the promptness of the crews in filling our glass with water while we are eating.

    What I also noticed, the crews are really well-versed about their organic dishes.

    Purchasing best organic dishes

    Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen does not only offer best organic dishes in Davao City but also fun experiences.

    What’s more interesting, although the dishes do not obtain any Monosodium Glutamate  (MSG), the taste of the food is not compromised.

    If you wish to dine, just visit their restaurant located at Sandawa Park, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City.

    For more updates and inquiries, please message Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen.