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    Have you ever tried “Fashion Dilemma”? Thinking and looking in your dumpy old closet what to wear everyday or afraid of mix and matchin’ cool stuff and accessories to spice up your everday swag? Well, Here are some tips on what’s hot and cool in the fashion world, Boom!

    Rainbow Splash!

    Model: Dhin Repollo

    Just play what’s on the rainbow closet and it will surely brighten up your day this year. The bright colors in your simple-shaped garments like blazers and pencil-skirts will illuminate your happy aura.

    Annoying Orange

    Model: Jay-ar Dagatan | Photo: Sorronda Photography

    I know you hate or like this orange critter on You Tube, but its color would be fabulous this year cause it is the theme for this year’s spring! The orange color gives the illusion of comfort and calm during rainy season.

    Earthly Glamour

    Model: Hoshiko Keitaru | Photo: Sorronda Photography

    You want to be sophisticated yet glamorous at the same time? Well, it is the right time to mix up those metallic and earth shades because it will give a different kick to your get up! Pair it up with a casual top and you can rock your everyday runway. This shades are eye-catching and matches the theme of the year.


    Model: Datu AmeEr Ingusan | Photo: Sorronda Photography

    Mixing up those formal suits with informal get up is a trend this year. So, there’s nothing to worry on pairing up fabulous cool tops and luxury pieces for casual and to hype up the night.

    There you have it! Have a fabulous mix and matchin’ gals and pals. Just be yourself and be comfortable. Have a feeling that you’re the next top model because it makes the person wearin’ that swag sexy.

    Miix Reyes
    Neo Richard Diongson

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