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    Best Food for your Dog


    Why choose the best food for your dog?

    As a pet owner you must look after the welfare of your dog. You must select the best dog food to cater to your best friend’s health and physical vitality. To make a wise selection, you must take a closer look at how these dog foods are made. Many commercial dog foods are just snapping out the cash off your wallet. They are so packed with useless ingredients to meet the commercial volume requirement however they do not meet the real food requirements for a dog. So how are you going to a spot the right pack for your dog?

    A dog’s daily intake requires a lot of protein, a little bit of essential fats and oils, some fiber and a considerable amount of carbohydrates to burn for a day of activities. You must carefully inspect the label for some unwanted ingredients and do your research about some dog food brands.

    Once you have selected the best dog food, you will notice significant changes in your dog’s health and physical appearance. Healthy dogs have a shinier and thicker coat, stronger legs, brighter and clearer eyes, better appetite, firmer stools, no digestive problems and no odor. Investing in a healthier food for your dog will give you lesser trips to the vet too! These signs are very important to know that you are giving your dog the right diet.

    Types of Dog Food

    Here are the types of dog food that you need to know as a dog parent. An elaborate description and comparison are provided for you to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

    • Commercial – this is the type of food you will find at your local supermarket, pet shop or vet clinic. Usually sold in dry (also known as kibble) or wet (canned) form. Most popular brands include Pedigree, lams, Science Diet and Diamond. This type of dog food is also the most popular among food choices because it is reasonably affordable and convenient. However, this is not the most ideal for your dog. Commercial dog food may contain dangerous ingredients. Big manufacturers often put fillers and chemicals to make the kibble heavier but without its nutritional value. You may say it’s cheaply made and may be hazardous for your dog’s holistic wellbeing. Nevertheless, there are a few highly-selective makers of premium dog food like Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food, which is made from the finest ingredients attuned to your dog’s health. You will learn more about how Life’s Abundance could be the best dog food later on in this article.
    • Raw – This is the type of food that is becoming widely popular believing that dogs should be fed the way they consume in their natural environment. Some raw food enthusiasts believe that dogs are part of the food chain as carnivorous animals and must be fed with protein-packed raw meat. Though at some point this is true, raw food may not be safe for a domesticated animal as it can harbor live harmful organisms if not prepared the right way. The usual raw diet includes a mixture of meat, bones, fruits and vegetables. Arguably, some types of bones, fruits and vegetables are not suitable for your best friend. That is why a raw diet has to be handled carefully. You must make the proper mixes for your dog’s “salad”. A better advantage of having a raw diet though is its organic nature. Raw food contains more trace minerals and vitamins for your dogs than commercial dog food. It may strengthen your dog’s immunity against harmful bacteria and may put your dog’s digestion in better condition. But it is still not the best dog food there is today.
    • Home-made – This type of dog food is an upgraded version of raw food. The only difference is, the ingredients are thoroughly selected and is carefully prepared to meet your dog’s daily nutritional requirement. However, home-made dog food may still not be the perfect way. Other than the time it takes to prepare and the inconvenience it gives a busy dog parent, Home-made food may not be the best dog food because cooking will remove the healthy juices, oils and enzymes that could be vital for your dog’s health. A big advantage a home-made dog food will give you as a dog owner is peace of mind. You will know pretty well what you give your dog. Plus you will feed your dog an enjoyable and tasty meal minus the chemicals and commercial fillers. It is a safer and healthier option than raw and commercial dog food. But it still does not provide absolute nutrition.

    The right choice for your best friend

    One way to pamper your dog is to pamper its health; but how? – By giving a sumptuous, nutrition-packed meal every single day. In order to achieve this you must know which food product contains no toxins, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no corn-based additives, no gluten, no sweeteners and most of all no preservatives such as BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin, TBHQ and Sodium Metabisulfate.

    As mentioned above, Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food is highly recommendable to you as a dog owner. It is so far the best dog food today that is readily available and convenient. Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food contains superior natural ingredients as opposed to many commercial dog foods that are made out of by-products or cheap ingredients with chemical fillers. Life’s Abundance kibbles are filled with the right amount of moisture, meat and fiber ingredients that will surely strengthen your dog’s immunity and vitality.

    Here are the finest ingredients of Life’s Abundance Premium Health that can make a whale of a difference for your dog’s holistic growth:

    • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
    • High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
    • An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E
    • A selection of nutritious vegetables and fruits
    • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
    • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
    • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract