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    Cup of Joe: Davao City’s Durian Coffee Meets the World


    “Twenty for 2012.” BluGre owner Gatchie Gatchalian works with a number of partners to make it possible. Gatchalian plans to put up no less than 20 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, United States and Australia this year. And their secret weapon, BluGre’s Durian coffee.

    Memory Lane. BluGre opened its first store way back 1998 within the walls of Landco bilding. It is in that place where Davaoeños learned the pleasures of caffeine intake. The coffee culture BluGre offered became popular among students and professionals and since then, BluGre still stands firm.

    Economic Reality. In a capitalists world, competition consumes the pie if you step aside. The growing awareness to the coffee lifestyle BluGre started only meant more entrepreneurs taking advantage of the growing market. As the population of coffee drinkers increased in numbers, the coffee store populace also grew.

    Just May of last year, BluGre faced a tough challenge when global leader Starbucks evaded Davao City. Gatchalian admitted the effect of the giant taking a splash in the Davao Market.

    Survival of the Fittest. Despite competition, BluGre held its post. People kept going back to the blend BluGre offers and one of the undefeated best seller, Davao City’s Durian Coffee. And now, with Durian Coffee as its ammunition, BluGre is bound to invade the globe.

    Source: Inquirer.net