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    New Dining Experience at Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine


    If you are looking for an affordable Japanese cuisine, Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine is what you are looking for. Its food price would only range at Php 30-150 only.

    I’ve seen various social media posts about how people would find time just to try this Japanese cuisine. Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine is located at 679 Aurora Quezon St.Davao City (near Roxas market and Mamitas Bakeshop). Due to high demand, they open another branch at Cariedo Building, Palma Gil St. Davao City( Across Alcatraz Penal Bar) to entertain more customers.

    Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine’s Place

    We’ve tried dining at Sukidesu Obrero near Alcatraz Penal Bar. The place has two floors but the second floor is not yet open to the public. More interestingly, the second floor is a zushiki concept, wherein you can squat together with your families and friends.

    Zushiki concept ( Photo credit from Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine)


    Among their specialties, I would recommend their Torikatsu Bento and Tempura Bento. For as low as Php145-150, you can already have a sumptuous Japanese dinner.

    Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine's Bento
    Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine’s Bento

    We also ordered the Ajitama Ramen, as they suggest it as the best seller among the Ramen. But for me, the taste needs improvement.

    Ajitama Ramen of Sukidesu
    Ajitama Ramen

    Also, we take the chance to taste their very own maki (Sukidesu Maki).  Its price does not compromise its taste. If you will look at their Facebook page, there are a lot of people who commended their maki as well.

    Sukidesu Maki
    Sukidesu Maki

    More about Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine

    You might wonder why do they have cheap prices for Japanese food. It is all because the main goal of Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine is “to provide Quality and Tasty Japanese Cuisine without breaking the bank”.

    For customers information, the said restaurant had recently received “Best Affordable Japanese Restaurant in Davao “by Qasia Magazine and “Outstanding Customer Service Award(Davao) by Smart Business Entrepreneur Magazine.

    If you wish to try their food, make sure to dine before the peak hours. Respectively, lunch starts at 11 am-2pm while dinner is 5pm-1am daily.

    For more concerns and inquiries, you can message them on their Facebook page  Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine.