On our first week for #DavaoFoodCrawl, we visited Davao’s home of deconstructed Pinoy comfort food, 1953 Kusina Leticia.

The restaurant can be easily recognized by it’s glass wall facade. Once inside, you’ll be met with a mixture of rustic and modern minimalist interiors perfect for a clean themed instashoot (I love their stairs tho). The air conditioned restaurant has a high ceiling too giving enough room for air to ventilate well.

This place is really good for a Sunday family dinner or catching up with your old friends or meeting your clients.

For an appetizing starter, @1953kusinaleticia‘s Sisig Nachos with Cheese and Pesto dips is a must try. This is a real Pinoy style nachos that will surely keep your conversation going. 

The Sisig is really crunchy and complements well with both the pesto and cheese dips.

Now, this one is a real winner!

Ladies and gents, Sizzling Bulalo Steak!

The beef is so tender and tasty. The bone marrow, the one that most Filipinos love about Bulalo, is satisfyingly not greasy! The gravy still has a hint of Bulalo soup making it the same comfort food most Filipinos love. 

Another group favorite from 1953 is their deconstructed Crispy Pata Kare-kare

The skin is crunchy and the meat is tender and well-cooked. The nutty Kare-kare sauce really go well with the Crispy Pata plus the bagoong that is not too salty nor sweet.

Goodness gracious! This is so damn appetizing

Also a show stealer is their Tablea Truffle Cake.


You shouldn’t miss this one coz their Tablea Truffle cake is one of the best in town.

It’s made with native cacao that’s why it’s tastier and friendly to your palate. Fudgey and not too sweet. It also has salted caramel filling.

Better if eaten with their vanilla ice cream.

Come and visit 1953 Kusina Leticia at #10, Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City. Check their IG: @1953kusinaleticia for more hearty meals!