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Darcy’s Place: Serving You More Meals Than Ever


Darcy’s Place opened last year at their former location in Sobrecarey St. at the ground floor level of O-Link. Some of you may have noticed that the famous restaurant that was located there is now closed. Well, its not. They actually transferred to a bigger and better place. Darcy’s Place is now located at Damosa Gateway, Lanang behind Yellow Cab. It may be a bit far from the old location but it’s now easier to find.

Inside Darcy’s Place

As you may have noticed, Darcy’s Place is filled with panda stuffed toys, post-its, books, paintings and mugs that added the homey atmosphere of the cafe that is perfect for barkadas, students and family gatherings.

We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the critics for the food tasting event in preparation for the launching of their new set of dishes that will soon be added to their menu.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the food that will soon be served at Darcy’s Place!


Texan Roadrunner it has a meatball on top which gives out salty flavor but it’s also being neutralized with other flavors that would balance everything. Overall, it’s a great dish to eat for the second time.

Pan Seared Chicken with White Wine Reduction Sauce. This dish comes with Pasta Aglio Olio. Which gives the feeling of eating white wine in a form of a dish. Everything was perfect from the pan seared chicken to the pasta.


Hawaiian Chicken. Both the chicken and Pasta Aglio Olio gives flavors to the dish. And surprisingly, the sliced red bell peppers tasted really good! This dish would look much better if the pasta is in the bottom and the others on top.


Cream Dory with Apple Sauce. By far the most delicious dish we‘ve tried as the sauce was perfect with the cream dory. The flavors were in the dish and in harmony with other ingredients best paired with sliced veggies on the side. This would be a perfect lunch if ever youll be in Darcy’s Place.


Tomato Basil Cream Dory. With tomatoes and basil on top of the cream dory, this is guaranteed a healthy dish to eat.


Breaded Chops with Broccoli Sauce and no, they don’t serve two chops with no rice. Usually, it has a cup of rice beside the breaded chops but for this taste test, they served us with two.


Surf and Turf was appealing to our eyes and just imagine, a T-bone steak on your plate with red wine sauce and shrimps on top with fried potatoes and veggies on the side. It’s like heaven’s answer to your hunger!


Chili Pasta with Meatballs. The pasta itself was spicy and I‘m pretty sure you’ll love it! The meatballs were dry but tasted okay. The meatball looked like a Pac-Man though and it’s also their observation too!


Arabica en Robusta. It’s usually very strong and indeed it was! It’s why they gave us a shot of syrup for added sweetness to our coffee and together, they tasted very good! The after taste of sweetness was perfect and the coffee can be a bit cooperative and not overall overwhelming.

Overall, the experience is a blast. From the restaurant itself, the environment and the comfort of the food. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Now that you’ve seen pictures of real dishes, what do you think of Darcy’s Place food menu? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts about the new menu and the dishes we sampled!