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    iLike 2012: Faces Help, Faces Deed


    Faces Help, Faces Deed was born out of Davao Eagle Online’s passion in giving back to the community by the use of social media. Our goal is to contextualize our experiences by involving in community work which may contribute significantly to the development of empathy, personal values, beliefs and social responsibility.

    Davao Eagle Online Top 100 Faces of Davao supports the vision and mission of Pens of Hope Davao. Pens of Hope in Davao is an outreach program initiated to help address the scarcity of writing materials in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City.

    This is our little way of both fulfilling our vision and acknowledging the social media for the manner it has shaped our society in its most beneficial way.

    Event Mission:

    • one hundred pairs of slippers;
    • one hundred T-shirts (new or preloved);
    • one hundred toys (new or preloved);
    • one hundred cupcakes;
    • one hundred pieces of ready-to-drink fruit juice;
    • one hundred children’s storybooks (new or preloved); and
    • one hundred kilos of rice

    There are about 100 Matigsalob kids aged 3 to 12 in the area of Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District, and like you, they look forward to blessings this Christmas!

    As planned, Pens of Hope Davao will teach the kids how to
    • take care of the environment through creative storytelling;
    • value participation through games; and
    • make a decision through a shopping activity.
    Yep, all these things are already in our plan, but we can’t do it on our own. We need your support; we need your assistance. You can help us make this event possible by:
    • donating any of the items above;
    • donating cash (in case you don’t have time to buy the items you wish to donate);
    • arranging our transportation from Davao City downtown area to Paquibato district;
    • volunteering on the 12th Big Day; and
    • sharing this 100 Project with your family and friends.
    If you wish to donate clothes, footwear, umbrellas and other items for the adults in the community, we are very willing to bring them on the same day. Just let us know.

    Kindly fill up the form below:

    Be part of our 100 Project!