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    Helicopter ride with Aero-Tour Services


    Absolutely the only way to see Davao City, totally freaking cool! Nowhere else but with Aero-Tour Services.

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    I must say that it was the first time I flew and it was a great experience for me.  I was a little nervous but wow!  Very Cool! Couldn’t feel a thing but I smiled the whole time.

    The ride was incredible, awesome, thrilling, and such a great experience!

    Check out the amazing view! How often can you see Davao from this perspective?


    A helicopter flight over Davao’s skyline is an absolutely fun experience that’s not to be missed! Impress your loved one, treat a friend or family member, leaflets and flower dropping with breathtaking views of our beloved city. If you thought this experience is reserved only for royalty or government officials, then think again! Now you can also know how it feels like to fly in your very own private helicopter. Haha!

    Aero-Tour Services also offers Airplane and Helicopter Rental Services , Private and Business Jets, Air Ambulance, Helicopter Tours, Geophysics Survey, VVIP transport and Cash Gold Transport.

    And here’s a good news! Get excite and keep your adrenaline rush on work! Soon to Jump in Davao! Yeah!!!! ^_^

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    Thanks Aero-Tour Services for taking me along for the ride! My life is so fucking awesome right now. 😀

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