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    EGO-DRIVE: To Deserve Such A Grand Life!


    Ego-drive should be a watchword of every individual in this world- be it in business, sports, education or any other facets of life. It entails a lot of commitment and diligent for a person to succeed on a chosen endeavor. For without, life would still be upside down. Despite studies that prove how motivation works, in addition to these benefits, it can make you feel much better and even, satisfaction.

    HR dictionary (dot) com defines Ego-drive as a person’s ambition or motivation to succeed.

    My super ego speaks, “Hey, why are you so engrossed withego-drive?” My id replies, “Well, I like to talk about things that block my sanity and ego-drive is one of them. Believe me.”


    We must have done something great to deserve such a grand life! This is something everybody should know.

    I read the story of a girl who graduated cum laude from a prestigious school but couldn’t even land a job. Urgh!!! That’s a sad fact! She did not use ego-drive.

    In Jeremiah 29:11, The Lord said, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and future.” I will never leave nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say. “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear,” Hebrews 13:5,6.

    These statements really inspired me. It would not mean that lucky are those who studying in a known school or those graduated with flying colors. It doesn’t mean that “Lucky are those who find themselves sited on a silver chair and woe to those who are doomed to life’s gruesome realities such as poverty and misfortunes…” For it takes a lot of determination. The survival of the fittest. Yes, ego-drive it is.

    Back in college, I found myself in the bottom of the ladder. But it did not stop me from believing. Moreover, I persisted. I knew if I will not take the opportunity, lack the guts, the will and attitude to overcome and conquer, I’ll definitely keep on wrestling with, the “what if” or “I should have” or “I guess this is my destiny to suffer, to settle with the least,” syndrome. I learned that we should fail failure. Determination to move on continues. For we are blessedly endowed with GOD (Gift of Decision).

    I really considered myself as hardworking and determined because I want to accomplish my many aspirations in life. As the days passed, I may stumble and fall, but the determination to move on continues. As we go along, we should open our heart and mind to all directions that life may offer. There are roads that full of trials and hardships and there are roads that give us a clear picture of success and life’s fulfillment.

    As the American Idol, Kris Allen, would say:

    Every second counts on a clock that’s ticking…We gotta’ live like we’re dying…

    Live Like We’re Dying

    Whatever roads we are taking today, never surrender instead keep your faith no matter what life may offer. Do the best!

    Carpe Diem. ©

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