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#SpreadLoveNotHate: The Roxas Night Market Bombing


Davao City is keeping up with its promise of safety and security by providing services and truthful information free to all, thus, the tagline “Life is Here.” The assurance of safety and security to its constituents and tourists alike has always been a pride of Davao City. The city was cited as the "Safest City" in the world several times in...

Point of Intersection: Davao City Blast


The site was a living story of what happened during the ill-fated incident. True enough, they just make matters worse for the aggrieved parties. The issue of care is in full view for the people after the tragic incident last night, September 2, 2016 which pilfered innocent lives, injured several others and wasted too much for living. A powerful bomb...

#heartstrong Davao: An Open Letter to the Filipino People Mocking the Recent Bombing in Davao City


I am not from Davao but I am living in Davao for few years now. I had been to different places in the Philippines but Davao made me feel I am safe and home. With the recent bombing at Roxas Night Market my heart bleeds for 3 reasons. First, for someone who used to have a leg injury, I am an...

Journey to Duterte’s Victory


I know that it’s a bit too late for this and there are already a lot of versions on this topic. What can I say? Better late than never, it is. From the start of the campaign up until today, supporters of Mayor Duterte have their own story to tell. He’s been Davao City's mayor for more than 20...

WARNING! This City Can Change Your Life Entirely


I am from Manila, but now claiming to be a DAVAOEÑA. Davao amidst IMPERFECTIONS has changed me — A LOT. I honestly grew up in Luzon, Mandaluyong in particular. The city has offered me a lot, it was the city that opened my mind to all sorts of "you-need-to-be-strong-to-survive" mentality. It was then, my comfort zone. The city was like a...

Hugot Defined: Talking about Relationships and Emotions


1. Falling in love Falling in love is perhaps the best feeling anyone could ever feel in his/her life. It takes you to a different kind of dimension. It takes you a place where everything seems to luster in an undoubting way. It takes you to somewhere wherein all the odds don't seem to matter anymore. A warm emotion that...

Beyond Our Limitation


Terrorist. Destruction. Criminals. War. These are just some of the common words that are inculcated in the mind of everybody whenever they hear the word, "Islam". But the deepest ignorance of our cognition, we don't realize that the basic foundations of Islam are contrary to those. The very moment I wrote this article is when I read a report in...

Anak TV Davao Symposium for TV Literacy


Anak TV is an organization that promotes TV literacy and pushes the agenda for child-sensitive, family-friendly, and responsible television viewing in the Philippines. On December 12, 2015, Anak TV, in partnership with Soka Gakkai International of the Philippines (SGI), had its Southern Mindanao ANAK TV “Animazing Tales” DVD Launching at Davao Culture Center, Tahimik Avenue, Matina Davao City. The program encourages...