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Journey to Duterte’s Victory


I know that it’s a bit too late for this and there are already a lot of versions on this topic. What can I say? Better late than never, it is. From the start of the campaign up until today, supporters of Mayor Duterte have their own story to tell. He’s been Davao City's mayor for more than 20...

Duterte gives hint that ‘He is Running’


In a surprise development, which even his closest advisers did not expect to happen, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte today gave a hint that he has finally "found his soul" and that he would run for President. In his weekly program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" (From the Masses, For the Masses) aired every Sunday morning on ABS-CBN Davao...

Bio-Disc: A Miracle Treatment For Hopeless Psoriasis Sufferers


Bio-Disc is simply a healing method that both energizes and purifies water with the aid of scalar energy. This so-called healing treatment works in various ways and don’t expect that you will be getting the same results as the other users for you might have a different skin condition. This Bio-Disc is better in enhancing the way your blood...

Anak TV Davao Symposium for TV Literacy


Anak TV is an organization that promotes TV literacy and pushes the agenda for child-sensitive, family-friendly, and responsible television viewing in the Philippines. On December 12, 2015, Anak TV, in partnership with Soka Gakkai International of the Philippines (SGI), had its Southern Mindanao ANAK TV “Animazing Tales” DVD Launching at Davao Culture Center, Tahimik Avenue, Matina Davao City. The program encourages...

VP Binay Photo Feeding Child With Bare Hand Angers Netizens


A photo showing Vice President Jejomar Binay thrusting food into a young girl's mouth using his bare hand during his signature "boodle fight" has caused an early morning uproar in the social media. The photo posted by John Paulo Melanio Bañas was immediately flooded with comments expressing disgust and anger over what netizens called was an act of hypocrisy. Comments ranged...

How to Get a Girlfriend


I was surprised when I saw a searched keyword used by a visitor from Google and found his way to my blog. He searched "How to Get a Girlfriend". Now, whoever you are, perhaps, google led you to my site because we have something in common. We desperately need tips to get a girlfriend. So I've read a few sites...

EGO-DRIVE: To Deserve Such A Grand Life!


Ego-drive should be a watchword of every individual in this world- be it in business, sports, education or any other facets of life. It entails a lot of commitment and diligent for a person to succeed on a chosen endeavor. For without, life would still be upside down. Despite studies that prove how motivation works, in addition to these benefits,...

[Petition] Duterte for President 2016


MAYOR RODRIGO R. DUTERTE Rodrigo Roa Duterte is a Filipino politician and the current Mayor of Davao City in the Philippines. Early life and education: Duterte was born on March 28, 1945 at Maasin, Leyte to Vicente G. Duterte, who served as Governor of Davao and Soledad Roa, a school teacher and a civic leader. He spent his elementary days at the Sta....