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Bio-Disc: A Miracle Treatment For Hopeless Psoriasis Sufferers


Bio-Disc is simply a healing method that both energizes and purifies water with the aid of scalar energy. This so-called healing treatment works in various ways and don’t expect that you will be getting the same results as the other users for you might have a different skin condition. This Bio-Disc is better in enhancing the way your blood circulation works and eliminate psoriasis, a dreadful skin disease. You may find live testimonies and studies concerning this miracle healing for life and if you still doubt, better to read those reports or testimonies.


Psoriasis as defined is a chronic skin disorder characterized by an over production of skin cells. These skin cells now continuously produce raised areas of known as skin plaques. If you are badly hit with the said skin disorder then for sure you live a miserable life. Thanks to Bio Disc for it is found to be effective in treating various cases of psoriasis and without putting too much worry on the sufferers. There might be negativities thrown over this miracle treatment but for a willing psoriasis sufferer, he will surely take the risk of trying than to see himself doing nothing. These skin plaques cause a lot of discomfort to sufferers and will put great limits to their lives. They can’t anymore face people for they fear that they will only be ignored. Skin plaques appear to be scaly and usually, they are itchy. As what the sufferers would reveal, psoriasis takes their once earned lives and now, they don’t know how to face the reality.



Skin plaques as the main sign of having psoriasis are commonly found on the extremities, torso, scalp, elbows and knees. These areas are commonly affected by plaques so sufferers can’t just hide them. In order to give hope to sufferers who are already worried of their lives, a revolutionary treatment starts to give hope and this is referred to as the Bio Disc. This is an actual cure for the disease and was discovered by Dr. Ian Lyons but it is not an FDA-approved medication or therapy. Since it is not yet approved by the FDA, a lot of sufferers are still afraid to give it a try unless they are advice by their doctors or attending physicians.


Dr. Lyons’ Bio-Disc is really effective in getting rid of psoriasis due to the fact that it produces scalar energy. Scalar energy is not the same with the energy produce through electromagnetic fields. Instead, scalar energy is generated out of heating 14 different minerals to 3,000 degrees Centigrade. Such energy can pass through solids without affecting its intensity thus making it really applicable to dense objects. Scalar energy can be transmitted to the human body without losing its original strength. The Bio-Disc transfers scalar energy to water. Results to purifying it and reinvigorating its healing properties and Asia now greatly enjoy the wondrous healing effects of Bio Disc to treat psoriasis.

Dare to trust Bio Disc in treating psoriasis and experience how it is fulfilling to regain your life again. There are already products that can be used by sufferers. There are already doctors to look over their conditions and above the most, there are already sites and informative online sections and books to help clear our doubting minds.