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Dude’s Guide: Smell and Look Good


This post is for all the guys who still have no clue on what to do to look and smell good. It’s time to step it up a notch guys, especially if you have ran out of ideas. This is a chance to impress her. I got a couple of ideas for you bro from SourceAsk Men and FHM Style.





1.) Catch her attention with a fragrance. Much like choosing the proper suit, a cologne must fit you and your lifestyle. When it comes to knowing how to pick a cologne, choose a base scent you feel comfortable wearing.


2.) Never mind that your spinster neighbor has more facial hair than you – the rituals of shaving are to be followed and respected. Feel macho and classy every time. Learning to shave is one of the few coming-of-age rituals that all men must endure. From the very first time that cold, hard metal takes a swipe at your facial hair, it instantly becomes an integral part of your routine until the day you die.


3.) Deodorant is a smart choice for a modern man. Using an antiperspirant, deodorant stick and corresponding deodorant body spray will help you stay fresh and smelling great all day.


4.) Girls love running their fingers through a guy’s mane, but no one wants to touch a rock-hard “gelmet,” greasy hair or crunchy locks. To get touchable hair, use a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, as well as a little product like a pomade, paste or cream.


5.) Your skin is your greatest asset. Take care of it by keeping an SPF 15 handy at all times, which helps prevent premature wrinkles (yes, guys get them, too) and sunburn. When it comes to shaving, exfoliate your face twice a week. Also be sure to include shaving lotions and face wash in your everyday grooming routine.


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Who said that only chic can do such? Oh yeah, guys can too. 🙂