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#heartstrong Davao: An Open Letter to the Filipino People Mocking the Recent Bombing in Davao City


I am not from Davao but I am living in Davao for few years now. I had been to different places in the Philippines but Davao made me feel I am safe and home. With the recent bombing at Roxas Night Market my heart bleeds for 3 reasons. First, for someone who used to have a leg injury, I am an...

Duterte Presidency: The Dream Never Dies


In the national executive council meeting of the group Friends of Rody Duterte (FoRD) Nov. 5, I told participants that there is a new virus which has infected millions of Filipinos, including myself. It is worse than the Mad Cow disease which attacks the brain of the beast because this new virus attacks both the heart and the brain. It is...

The lessons from the aftermath of Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon


Luckily, Mindanao particularly in Davao City is safe from the typhoon Yolanda, the typhoon which had a 147 mph that gusted 170 mph. The news reported that Yolanda was the strongest typhoon ever landed, stronger than typhoon Katrina and Sandy in the U.S, which had approximately about 129 mph and 95mph respectively (Muskal, 2013). Now that Yolanda leaves the...

Davao City Speed Limits for all kinds of Motor Vehicles


When do we learn? Are we waiting to be the one who will be hit next by the truck or any cars before fully awake the danger of over speeding? "Accidents" become very widely used to be a reason even it is cause by recklessness. As vice Mayor Duterte stated "Dili na ni pwede masikmura sa katilingban ning mga...

Anak TV Davao Symposium for TV Literacy


Anak TV is an organization that promotes TV literacy and pushes the agenda for child-sensitive, family-friendly, and responsible television viewing in the Philippines. On December 12, 2015, Anak TV, in partnership with Soka Gakkai International of the Philippines (SGI), had its Southern Mindanao ANAK TV “Animazing Tales” DVD Launching at Davao Culture Center, Tahimik Avenue, Matina Davao City. The program encourages...

Bio-Disc: A Miracle Treatment For Hopeless Psoriasis Sufferers


Bio-Disc is simply a healing method that both energizes and purifies water with the aid of scalar energy. This so-called healing treatment works in various ways and don’t expect that you will be getting the same results as the other users for you might have a different skin condition. This Bio-Disc is better in enhancing the way your blood...

Duterte Supporters Vow: ‘The Dream Will Never Die’


Just as hard as Rody Duterte's declaration that he is not interested in the Presidency, his legions of followers have stepped up on the efforts to convince the tough-talking Davao City Mayor that he is needed by the people to lead them. They have organised themselves into groups, sometimes more than one group in each sector like the Overseas Filipino...

WARNING! This City Can Change Your Life Entirely


I am from Manila, but now claiming to be a DAVAOEÑA. Davao amidst IMPERFECTIONS has changed me — A LOT. I honestly grew up in Luzon, Mandaluyong in particular. The city has offered me a lot, it was the city that opened my mind to all sorts of "you-need-to-be-strong-to-survive" mentality. It was then, my comfort zone. The city was like a...