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    Davao City Speed Limits for all kinds of Motor Vehicles


    When do we learn? Are we waiting to be the one who will be hit next by the truck or any cars before fully awake the danger of over speeding? “Accidents” become very widely used to be a reason even it is cause by recklessness. As vice Mayor Duterte stated “Dili na ni pwede masikmura sa katilingban ning mga style ninyo, mangamatay mga tao tungod ninyo kung pirmi mo mag-ingon nga aksidente (Your repeated claims that what happened is an accident is no longer acceptable. People are getting killed because of drivers like you),” (Casas). Can we accept this reoccurring reason due to recklessness? Accidents can be prevented if we follow the road’s rules and regulations.

    I am one of many concern citizens who value life. Countless numbers who died due to the road accidents from the previous years until now. When firecracker banned in Davao City it save lives of many Dabawenyo and still enjoying the celebrations peacefully. I don’t know how to drive yet, but I think we can drive safely and still enjoy driving on the road. I am glad to know by reading the Davao City News Feed dated December 19, 2011 from Sarah Duterte’s facebook profile that the speed limit start to operating in Davao City.

    We will look forward from this day, by driving safely and observe rules and regulations on the road. We can witness together that there are less to not one accident will occur. With careful and cautious driving through speed limit we cannot only save lives but also save gas.

    So enjoy driving cautiously! And don’t forget to follow road’s rules and regulations.

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    Casas, Arianne Caryl N. “Davao City Vice Mayor Rody Duterte scolds drivers in Pequeño accident .” Sun Star Davao [Davao City] 15 December 2011, n. pag. Print.

    Featured photo by Davao Today