Yahweh is near to the broken-hearted, he helps those whose spirit is crushed. Though hardships without number beset the upright, Yahweh brings rescue from them all. – Psalm 34:18-19

This passage speaks about how God works in the life of his broken-hearted people. This is not superficial, but evident as the concrete walls around us. But it would only be evident if one acquires a genuine faith, a faith with doubts —yes, confusion —yes, but despite that, is guaranteed of Christ.

We could perhaps dig into our thoughts, go back to our encounters, and see God.

A person’s faith matters. Without faith, egoism reigns, there would be no point of giving our God a chance to reveal himself —for it is through the openness of our hearts that we find Him working miraculously in our life.

There’s a great significance in faith. It draws one to his greatest purpose, reconnecting with His creator, his God, and following the commands is inevitably corollary — the outcome of witnessing how great God is.

God can only reveal himself if we listen in immense silence. We can only see His greatness through mindfulness, through observation in silence, even during a time of chaos.

My dear sisters and brothers, our God is full of compassion. A creator whose love for us is limitless and ravishing — if we can only see through it.

He is there, with you. He loves you, deeply, immensely. Find comfort in His presence, in silence.

He appreciates all your efforts and will give comfort to your baffled state. For us, who are broken-hearted, will be healed and rescued.

Our God, the source, and origin of all great things fill us with more of your grace. Let our life be driven by much passion for knowing you. Give us comfort in times of hardships and trouble. Our days are brightest because of you, our nights are at ease because of you. You are the God of wonder, and we submit to your greatness. Lead us to greater places, to the place you promised us. Let your love be our guide, our strength, and hope. In Jesus` name. Amen.