“We can’t go on pretending day by day that someone, somehow will soon make a change.” – We Are The World, Michael Jackson & Various Artists

After the Davao bombing incident, our president deserves better than these hateful comments.

He is giving his best to fulfill his mission; to provide us a progressive, safe, and livable country. At his old age, he’s sacrificing his health to make sure he’ll leave us all with a clean government. He’s doing everything to give our children a better, peaceful Philippines. He wants us to live without fear and fight for our right to the truth. The truth that we’ve been cheated on by the oligarchs and these corrupt public officials for decades now. The truth that underneath that angelic layer of their skin, they are laughing at our misery, getting richer at our expense. That behind their mask lives a hypocrite displaying themselves as someone who fights for the common good, where in reality, they’re the ones causing us these atrocities.

The next 5 years are going to be the most important days of our lives as Filipinos, for this will determine how united and strong we are as a nation to face the enormity of our predicaments. Let us not forget that we created the government. They work for us. They should. And in order for our government to work, we must do our own share. With all these horrible things we have on our plate, we must unite. It is time for us to once again prove how persistent and resilient we are. What are those terrorists, drug lords, and corrupt politicians compared to the millions of people who voted for our leader, when even just the voter population of Davao already outnumbers them?

These criminals are starting to feel the wrath of our president and the Filipinos who cry for real change. The Davao bombing is an indication that our government’s efforts have shaken them out of their caves. They will do everything to scare us and put our guards down. We need to show them that we are wiser and braver now. They can try to break us down, but that’s all they can do – try. They can try to intimidate us with explosives, but they can never defeat a nation’s shout for peace. Our eagerness to become whole again will continue to shatter their wickedness.

So, I sincerely encourage my fellow countrymen, my peace and loving kababayans. Let us help our president in reaching his goals for they’re ours, too. To the 16 million ordinary citizens who voted for Tatay Digong, let us show his detractors that their senseless rants are nothing compared to our loud roar for peace and order. Let us stand against corruption, criminality, drug abuse, and terrorism. Let us not call our Muslim brothers and sisters terrorist for terrorism knows no God; it doesn’t have religion. Let us show the world that the Filipino spirit is waterproof. Let us care for one another, help each other, and show love to your family, to your neighbor, your Facebook friends, your social media enemies, and the enemy of your friends. This is not the time to hate. Our real enemies feed on it, attacking us on our vulnerable moments.

As the keepers of our future generation, it is our responsibility to preserve peace and unity and give only the best for them. If we just have each other’s back, no one can tame us. Hand in hand, we will fight and rise together!