Lotus biscuits most commonly called as the belgian speculoos was founded in the early 1930’s by the Boone Brothers in Belgium. It has a trademark for its sweet distinctive caramel taste that is guaranteed made with the freshest ingredients out of passion the traditional way of baking making one of life’s greatest indulgent.

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One of the tricks of this belgian speculoos is that while enjoying it plain and simple with friends and family members, there is more to that and the good news is that this read will surely make your mouth water as I introduce the life hacks of this delectable piece of heaven here on earth, in a form of biscuit, the fun yet very easy ways.

One, pair it with your favorite drink, be it cold or hot, to make your experience more festive. Have it with coffee, tea, frappe, latte, fruit juices, milk, and/or anything that you can think of a liquid.

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Next, no graham crackers? No problem! We got you covered. Its flavor can even spice up that perfect mango float your friends have been drooling for magically turning it into a spectacular mango caramel float. You just have to let your creativity and imagination float! You can also crush that biscuit transforming it to powder-like form and sprinkle it on top of that freshly baked cake or cupcake. Now you will have more to flavor to offer for a dessert after that sumptuous dinner you just prepared for your special ones.

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If you can also remember that very easy to make tiny little balls of munchkins made of sugar biscuits or a chocolate flavored biscuits, well, spare the lotus biscuit not because you can have it that way easy breezy. Just crush it thoroughly making it look like fine powder, mix it in a bowl with condensed milk, shape it up into small balls and viola!, your DIY belgian speculoos munchkins are ready to serve!


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Tip: its not a bad idea to get some little hands dirty by allowing your little ones make this sweet treat all the more reason to make it a memorable bonding moment.

Tip v 2.0: if you have straws or Popsicle sticks, upgrade your munchkins to a home-made-no-bake cake pops. How cool is that?

And lastly, if you want to make it extreme, do not hesitate to grab a few of those lotus biscuits, blend it with your vanilla flavored milkshake, and here comes your belgian speculoos frappe! Don’t forget to top it with cream to make the vibe a little more cozy.

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So, whether your budget is on the loose or tight, it won’t kill to spend a little indulgence every once in a while. What are you waiting for, try these simple, easy breezy, fun hacks to make lotus biscuit another reason why life if beautiful. And before I forget, you can also enjoy this yum treat with any of you preferred bread with the lotus biscoff spread that would be tackled in another chapter of another day. Tot ziens!


Photos by www.veganoo.net, creative.be, www.wholesomelicious.com, www.theloop.ca and annauk1.wordpress.com