Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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The lessons from the aftermath of Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon


Luckily, Mindanao particularly in Davao City is safe from the typhoon Yolanda, the typhoon which had a 147 mph that gusted 170 mph. The news reported that Yolanda was the strongest typhoon ever landed, stronger than typhoon Katrina and Sandy in the U.S, which had approximately about 129 mph and 95mph respectively (Muskal, 2013). Now that Yolanda leaves the...

Davao City Speed Limits for all kinds of Motor Vehicles


When do we learn? Are we waiting to be the one who will be hit next by the truck or any cars before fully awake the danger of over speeding? "Accidents" become very widely used to be a reason even it is cause by recklessness. As vice Mayor Duterte stated "Dili na ni pwede masikmura sa katilingban ning mga...

How to Get a Girlfriend


I was surprised when I saw a searched keyword used by a visitor from Google and found his way to my blog. He searched "How to Get a Girlfriend". Now, whoever you are, perhaps, google led you to my site because we have something in common. We desperately need tips to get a girlfriend. So I've read a few sites...

EGO-DRIVE: To Deserve Such A Grand Life!


Ego-drive should be a watchword of every individual in this world- be it in business, sports, education or any other facets of life. It entails a lot of commitment and diligent for a person to succeed on a chosen endeavor. For without, life would still be upside down. Despite studies that prove how motivation works, in addition to these benefits,...