Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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When The Street Sings Its Carols


6:30 PMI was riding a jeepney routed to our village. The streets are clogged with flocks of jeeps and cars rushing to their own routes, wanting to get home as early as possible. It was sultrous and polluted. Cars were buzzing everywhere, making it more stressful and exhausting to all passengers. I was checking on my cellphone when the jeep...

Duterte Presidency: The Dream Never Dies


In the national executive council meeting of the group Friends of Rody Duterte (FoRD) Nov. 5, I told participants that there is a new virus which has infected millions of Filipinos, including myself. It is worse than the Mad Cow disease which attacks the brain of the beast because this new virus attacks both the heart and the brain. It is...

Duterte gives hint that ‘He is Running’


In a surprise development, which even his closest advisers did not expect to happen, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte today gave a hint that he has finally "found his soul" and that he would run for President. In his weekly program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" (From the Masses, For the Masses) aired every Sunday morning on ABS-CBN Davao...

8 Kinds of People Who Must Hate Duterte


  Many writings have already explained why the Davaoeños love Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Well, this time, it's the other way around! These are the people who don't like the "Berdugo," and the reasons why they hate him.   1. High Profile Criminals Drug lords. Human traffickers. Syndicates. If you want to explore and expand your monkey business in Davao, please do yourself a...

‘Masa’ Shift Support to Davao’s Duterte


The political stock of reluctant Presidential prospect and Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte continues to increase as the Filipino 'masa' slowly shift their support to him, abandoning erstwhile frontrunner Vice President Jejomar Binay who is facing massive corruption charges. On line surveys conducted by the Philippine Star newspaper and Aliw Broadcasting Network's DWIZ Boses ni Juan over the weekend showed...

VP Binay Photo Feeding Child With Bare Hand Angers Netizens


A photo showing Vice President Jejomar Binay thrusting food into a young girl's mouth using his bare hand during his signature "boodle fight" has caused an early morning uproar in the social media. The photo posted by John Paulo Melanio Bañas was immediately flooded with comments expressing disgust and anger over what netizens called was an act of hypocrisy. Comments ranged...

Next President Must Ensure Available, Affordable Food


Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte said the continued smuggling of food items into the country, including the controversial fake rice, is an indication of the government's failed agriculture program. "For as long as the country could not produce available and affordable food for the Filipinos, smuggling activities will continue," Duterte said. "It is imperative that the next President of the country...

Duterte Supporters Vow: ‘The Dream Will Never Die’


Just as hard as Rody Duterte's declaration that he is not interested in the Presidency, his legions of followers have stepped up on the efforts to convince the tough-talking Davao City Mayor that he is needed by the people to lead them. They have organised themselves into groups, sometimes more than one group in each sector like the Overseas Filipino...