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    Beyond Our Limitation

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    Terrorist. Destruction. Criminals. War. These are just some of the common words that are inculcated in the mind of everybody whenever they hear the word, “Islam”. But the deepest ignorance of our cognition, we don’t realize that the basic foundations of Islam are contrary to those.

    The very moment I wrote this article is when I read a report in the newspaper about the movie “Innocence of Muslims,” the world is scorching with debates as to the prevention of the movie which leads to protests sparked around the world. With this scenario, the conflict between religious fanaticism and freedom of expression is becoming more evident.

    Religion is an entity that is fed by belief and faith. With these fundamentals of the so-called religion, we are entitled to the view that our individual beliefs presented. In the world we are living in, everyone has the responsibility and right to exercise different traditions and code of conduct of our beliefs. With this, it is but logical to be devoted in our religion may it be Christian, Islam, Buddhism or any others.

    If someone mock or disrespect your religion, it is just natural to react and fight for it. However, it is becoming a misleading idea despite any affiliated religion that we must do anything even those of immoral and illogical things just to comply with this process. By killing or terrorizing, even if you consider it as an act to spare your religion, you bare disregarding the righteous thing to do even your religion dictates.

    Freedom of expression is another separate concept that has a different dimensions that of religion. Whatever your religion is, you should not be oppressed to express your deepest insights to the world verbally or non-verbally. But given this kind of privilege, it is unnecessary to use it mock or disrespect other’s religion and use this kind amenity to satisfy your individual fulfillment that might be opposing or insulting others.

    Ou individual identity is sculpted by many factors in our environment and ourselves. As radical human beings, we are given the gift of intelligence to decide what is right for us and also for others. Altruism should not be constrained to different boundaries like religion.

    I’m not a Muslim, but, it is bothering to hear that our Muslim brothers and sisters are being discriminated and stereotyped just because of the label endowed in their identity. However, we should keep in mind that they are also human with the same DNA structure, the same muscle flex, the same water to drink and the same air to breathe as us.

    What I want to point out here is not to perpetuate those boundaries by fighting with each other, but respecting each other’s differences and not prejudging anyone according to the certain group they belong. I am certain that if we understand Islam, what was written in Qur’an is not all about chaos. If you don’t rely on the void pride generated by hatred, you will realize that all humans are equal and are worthy of respect. Remember we should not cross beyond each other’s limitation because we are diverse.