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    Lookbook, a site for fashion Lover


    Are you a fashion fantastic or a fashion enthusiasts?

    Many of young generation today are so technologically updated. Most of the young and active generations are sensationally follow what’s new online. In todays trend, Lookbook is one of the emerging online site for fashion enthusiasts, where they can post their looks and experiment with different fashion styles.

    Lookbook is an international fashion online site for all walks of life; the site is not just for the professional fashion models, but also for the aspiring one or just simply a fashion lover. When visiting the site, you need to make your own account or you can sign up with your facebook account.

    fc lookbook_1




    The photos you will post should be solo of yourself, you also need to put the title of your look, brands you are wearing, color theme, and your hashtags. The photos below is the sample of the lookbook user from the Philippines. Posting your look religiously will gain you fame and popularity all over the world.

    lookbook 3

    As you can see, she have 33 comments, gained 2 karmas representing with a heart shape and got 255 hype. You can also click fan if you like the looks so you can follow her/his postings.

    When you have an account, this is what it looks like (show in photos below).

    lookbook 4lookbook 5

    Lookbook is a stepping stone for a few who already find their luck in this site. One of this is Ms Kryz Uy from Cebu, she is even more successful and recognized by some local and in international. Lookbook helps open her door to many opportunities; additionally, it helps her to be a product endorser, not just the fashion company but those who wanted her to present their products.

    lookbook 6

    The photo below is another sample from Greece.

    lookbook 7

    The bottom line is that, Davao City is not open and ready yet for fashion creativity as other cities in the Philippines, because some of “Dabawenyo” – a person lives in Davao- are still anxious to wear and create the looks; Furthermore, they are anxious that some individual will stare at her/him because the way s/he dress up. In contrast, fashion is an individual’s expression, it is how you carry yourself and it is part of who you are. Dress successfully and it will bring you a feeling of self-confident and self assurance.

    So, what are you waiting for? come and join, sign up now in lookbook and let the world see your creativity in fashion and be stylish.