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    Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort for family time


    Take a 7-minute motor banca ride to Samal Island, right smack in the middle of Davao Gulf. Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is perfect for a family day at the beach. The restaurant and the picnic areas are right on the beach under the shade of trees and spills out into the sea with panoramic views to Davao Gulf, Davao City and the famous Mount Apo.

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    There are ocean kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats and aqua bikes. There are souvenir shop, convenience store, ice cream kiosk and massage area. There are also recreational games such as billiards, ping-pong, air hockey and beach volleybal. There is the aviary with a collection of different animals, and scuba lessons for the older ones. You can rent a banca to tour the outlying islands, or just laze in the warmth of reflected light and just sip fresh coconut the whole day.

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    Zealous lifeguards watch over swimmers all day, the staff is friendly and efficient, and there is discreet security. They also have staff just to spear fallen leaves the whole day, rake the sand to erase the footprints and maintain shores through periodic Scubasurero Activities.

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    Dinner is by candlelight, unless you have room-service in the very well-maintained cottages, or get serenaded by locals singing melancholy songs in the dialect. Book the hall for your choice of DVD, so the kids can watch cartoons, while you spend quality time with each other.

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    Dig your toes in the cool sand, and stretch back.

    Resort Address: Samal Island, Davao
    Booking Address: Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
    1) Km. 9, 1181 Sasa, Davao City, 8000 Philippines
    2) GF Valgosons Bldg. 1, City Hall Drive
    Davao City, 8000 Philippines
    TEL # (63) (82) 233 – 0251, 234 – 1229, 300 – 2343
    FAX # (63) (82) 234 – 2926
    Mobile # (63) 0920 – 954 – 6780
    Email Address: inquiry@paradiseislanddavao.com paradiseislanddavao@gmail.com
    Website: www.paradiseislanddavao.com


    Photos courtesy of Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort Facebook Page