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    Davao Eagle Online’s Top Teen Icons No.11: Rain Galang


    Your likes have been cast and now Davao Eagle Online Top 15 Teen Icons has tallied all votes from the 100 finalists.

    We know it takes an astounding lot to rally behind the icons you deem worthy of inclusion in this list. And that’s when you strive to make the amazing happen by enthusiastically voting for your idols. That’s putting in the effort.

    As the voting closed at midnight on January 10, 2014, The Standard Bearer Rain Galang assumed the 10th spot. He garnered a total of 86 votes.

    rain 5


    Rain Galang is not just the typical Girl Model that you will see around Metro Davao, she is an accomplished Criminology Student and a responsible daughter to her parents. She never fails to help out in her families needs and makes sure that she also do good in her studies. She is a member and one of the pioneers of Prestige Models. She is a fun loving, humble and adventurous lady. She enjoys time partying and going to the beach with her close friends. Often she makes and impression that ladies can be metrosexually liberated and still maintain being a conservative lady by knowing their limitations and by learning to say “no”.

    Rain is simple and has no qualms in getting her hard dirty, she can actively play sport games with the boys yet still maintain a sexy aura that makes the boys literally sweat. Bottom line is.. this Kristen Kruek look a like has what it takes to be one of the top teen icons of Davao.

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