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    Davao Light: Safety measures for your lighting fixtures


    Lighting is undeniably the most important electrical device in any structure. Whether it may be a bedside lamp, a chandelier or a hanging bulb, it is protocol to keep each in its best working condition. Unfortunately, as much as we need light, most of us don’t know a thing or two about how to safely fix or even just to replace light bulbs.


    For this, Davao Light and Power Company would like to enlighten us by giving us some safety tips:



    1. Before you reach for that busted light bulb, make sure to switch it off and allow it to cool down. Protect yourself from electrocution by  wearing rubber gloves and wearing rubber soled footwear.


    2. If the wires and plug of your lighting device are accessible, switch off your lamp and carefully unplug your device from the power source. Inspect the wires if they are worn out, frayed or smell burnt as these might also cause further damage if plugged in again.


    3. Make sure to replace the broken or busted lamps with those of the right wattage. Once you fit the new bulb in, make sure to keep a safe distance from the light fixture before you turn it on in case the replacement accidentally falls or blows up.


    4. If replacing the defective bulb with another of a proper wattage does not fix the problem, do not poke around and experiment with your wires and sockets without sufficient knowledge. Instead, call for accredited electricians who definitely know what to do.


    5. Be proactive. If you notice any flickering or irregular glowing and dimming of the lights, chances are that bulb or the lighting device itself may be defective and needs to be repaired or changed. Have it checked professionally to avoid possible electrical dangers.



    Surely, anyone would find it frustrating to do any job or leisure activity in total darkness. The best way to afford oneself consistent illumination would be to keep your electric devices in tip-top shape and not to overuse them. Turning lights off when not needed does not only mean saving money, it also prolongs its lifespan. So toughen up, fix it if you can and ask for help if you can’t.


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