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    Davao Light Weekly Schedule – rotating power outages


    As the critical power situation in Mindanao continues, Davao Light and Power Co. implements weekly schedule of the rotating power outages to its customers.


    These are the important things that you should know to understand your schedule.

    1. Find your feeder and group by clicking this link =>
    *On your keyboard, press Ctrl+f for easy searching of your area.

    2. If, for example, you found your area to be in Ecoland Feeder 2 – Group A, make sure to remember all the schedule for Group A. Weekly schedule is attached below.
    *Your area will be rotated in three (3) brownout schedules in one week.

    3. Duration of the rotating power outages will still be for ONE HOUR ONLY anytime between the given duration. However, this may extend up to two hours depending on the availability of power supply from the Mindanao grid.
    *Exact time when the outage will begin cannot be determined because it will depend on the level of       curtailment imposed by the National Grid Corp. of the Phils. at any given time of the day and the variability of the load of Davao Light relative to time of the day.


    4. If you can’t find or are not sure which feeder and group you belong, kindly email yourDavao Light Account ID at www.davaolight.com or contact 229-DLPC (3572) or 822-DLPC (3572) for Davao del Norte areas. This way, we can easily locate your feeder connection.


    5. You will only experience the rotating power outage once in a day and only with in your schedule.

    It is important that you know your schedule for the month so that you can plan ahead your activities.


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