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    Where to eat in Cebu: Larsian BBQ sa Fuente


    Fellow Davao Eagle Online staffers Lyka, Pat and Jannah decided on the first night of our Cebu escapade to visit the grilling haven of the city which is conveniently located at Fuente Osmeña called the Larsian BBQ.
    Larsian is one of the popular tourists spots in Cebu. It is a square-type strip with numerous stalls that offers a variety of grilled/barbecued dishes ranges from poultry meats to seafood meats. Larsian can be compared to Barbecue Center in Tagum however Larsian is by far the largest I have been.
    We ordered several sticks of chorizo, and pork barbecue. They also offered us 1.5L soft drinks for free! The food tasted good but what I like most is the puso or hanging rice. This delicately cooked rice wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed.


    Puso is sold not only in Larsian. It is often seen in places like street stalls of Cebu and is sold at P3 to P5, depending on the place.
    Of course, random group photographs were just part of the entire night.


    Customers have a choice of eating with spoon and fork or using bare hands.


    Just like any other tourist, food was our best friend and stress-reliever. 🙂
    And how did we wrap up our first day? We walked from Larsian to Rose Pharmacy. It was a 5-minute walk trip. We bought bags of toiletries, water and some other food.
    It was a night full of food and other things God showered to us to begin our Cebu trip with a blast!