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Parkour Davao Gear: FIVE TEN™ Freerunner Alien Glows


I have been practicing Parkour in almost a year now with Parkour Davao. The common problem that I share with most of the Parkour practitioners all over the world is the traction, comfort, cushion and durability of the shoes to wear.Doing Parkour puts a lot of impact damage in my shoes, which even in a single day use, thinning of the soles of my shoes is already visible. Fewer cushions in my shoes causes pain when doing big jumps and drops, even when landing properly. Even wall runs and tic tacs are hard to execute with ordinary shoes. However, one pair of shoes gave solutions to all my problems, the FIVE TEN™ Freerunner Alien Glows.

This said pair is very durable, not much obvious nicking or thinning of the soles are visible even when doing repetitive wall runs against rough cement. It also has this thick textile that acts as additional guard on the front part of the shoes. This guard protects the shoes against the friction against rough walls.

Talking about walls, my performance improved thanks to these shoes. The traction power of the shoes is just awesome; it can dominate walls without much slipping. I can see and feel that the grip it gives me lessens the power I exert upon climbing walls.

In addition, the cushion is very commendable. It has thick soles that lessen the impact on my foot when I do large drops.

My new FIVE TEN™ Freerunner Alien Glows proved to be the best pair of shoes that I needed in my practice. Doing Parkour has never been better with these shoes.


Repost/ (C) Fernando Arce