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    2nd Batch Of Musical Workshop Recipients Hold Recital


    Proud parents, supportive friends and an amazed general public composed last week’s crowd at the Tagum City Pavilion where about 174 youngsters conducted a two-hour musical recital, a culmination of their three-month musical workshops given for free by the City Government of Tagum.


    It was a proud moment for children and youth whose musical repertoire magnified their knowledge in playing different sets of musical instruments learned through the LGU-initiated Musical Instruments Workshop.


    According to Rodolfo B. Gayem, chief of the Music Management Office who oversees this musical literacy program, enrolled kids aged 7-12 are taught by LGU-paid trainers every weekends on how to play instruments like saxophone, trombone, trumpet, baritone, electric organ, bass and acoustic guitar, violin, cello and drums.


    Tagum Recital 1


    The said workshop is free of charge, he added.


    The crowd was obviously amazed with their performance, playing hits like “Looking through the Eyes of Love” and “Getting Over You.”


    This is the second batch that completed the three-month workshop, with the breakdown as follows: 21 students for saxophone, 3 students for trombone, 9 for trumpet, 2 for baritone, 45 for electric organ, 8 for bass guitar, 51 for acoustic guitar, 13 for drums and 22 for violin and cello.


    Adding hype to the said recital is the performance of the junior members of the Tagum City Orchestra, playing classical music to the delight of the audience.


    The day after the recital, the Music Management Office already jumpstarted the orientation for interested participants of the workshop who will comprise the 3rd batch. | Gleiza Delgado of CIO Tagum


    Photos by Leo Timogan of CIO Tagum