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    Hulagway sa Kadayawan 2014 Photo Contest



    1. Competition is open to any interested photographer (professional and hobbyists). Registration is free. Participants may acquire their Registration Form and Photo Entry Forms from the city Information Office or download it from www.davaocity.gov.ph/davao/formevents.aspx
    2. Showcase your best Kadayawan 2014 photos. Photographs must showcase the beauty and grandeur of Kadayawan Festival, be it an event, a place, performers or colorful inanimate objects seen during or associated with Kadayawan Festival.
    3. All entries should have been taken from August 11 – 17, 2014 in Davao City during any of the official of the festival.
      For the schedule of events, visit www.davaocity.gov.ph, City Government of Davao on Facebook or Davao Life mobile app on Android (www.davao-life.com for non-Android users)
    4. All entries can only be processed using global methods (cropping, dodging, burning and levels only). Watermarks, borders, high dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are not allowed. Over-processed photo entries shall be disqualified automatically
    5. Entries must be the original work and owned by the participant and must not have been used and or entered in any other contest or published in any media and posted online for whatever purpose, prior to the start and during the competition.
    6. Entries per participant would be limited to only TWO (2) photos.
    7. Photo entries should be printed (8×12 inches) in any orientation. Hard copy entries should be accompanied with a Photo Entry Form. Digital copies of the entries must also be furnished to the organizers and should be at the highest possible resolution and quality.
    8. All submitted photos of the entrants should be placed in a long, brown envelope with a copy of the participant’s Registration Form and a CD, or any other media, containing the dgital copies of the entries. Please label the cd and the brown envelope with the participant’s name. Alternately, digital copies may also be emailed to davaocitygov@gmail.com (SUBJECT: Hulagway sa Kadayawan 2014 Entry with NAME OF PARTICIPANT)
    9. Contestants should submit his/her printed photo entries at the City Information Office, Room 18, 2nd Floor, City Hall of Davao, on or before 5:00pm of August 19, 2014, Tuesday.
    10. Submission of entries signifies the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the contest. The City Government of Davao reserves the right to publish or display any entry, winning or non-winning, for promotional purposes, with due acknowledgement of the original owner of the photograph.
    11. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the contest rules as it deems fit, without prior notice.
    12. Decision of the judges is final. However, violation of any above-stated rules and/or non-compliance of the same shall be a ground for automatic disqualification.
      The criteria of judging are as follows:
      Composition – 30%
      Relevance to the Theme – 30%
      Creativity – 20%
      Originality – 20%
    13. There will be 20 final entries
    14. Prizes:
      1st Prize – P15,000
      2nd Prize – P10,000
      3rd Prize – P5,000
      17 Runners-up – P1,500 each
      Mayor’s Choice Award – P3,00 (only the 20 final entries will be presented to the City Mayor)

    For more information:
    City Information Office
    Telephone: 227-2500
    Website: www.davaocity.gov.ph
    Email: davaocitygov@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/davaocitygov
    Twitter: @davaocitygov
    DAVAO LIFE Mobile App on Android
    (www.davao-life.com for non-Android phones)

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    [Credits: Davao City Official Website]