Home News & Entertainment Davao Eagle gets Best Gateway Blog Nom by Davao Bloggers

    Davao Eagle gets Best Gateway Blog Nom by Davao Bloggers


    DavaoEagle.com earned a spot in the Davao Blog Awards 2014 for Best Gateway Blog.

    The simple fact of being nominated next to DavaoBase.com makes us feel incredible and it’s a reason to keep motivated and bring you more articles and events.

    Thank you readers for your support! Cheers! 🙂

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    Hi, I am Richard Diongson, a lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I love travelling to different places, trying out different food every now and then. I love social events like gathering of bloggers, themed parties, showbiz personalities gathering, and the like. Four (4) Interesting (little-known) facts about me: A. It may not show but I love farm living. In fact I have farm back in the province. B. I am single. lol C. I don't know how to ride a motorcycle yet but I am very excited to learn now that I have decided to buy a new one. D. I am writer and a social media influencer. Pet Peeves: A. I really find bullying annoying and unacceptable. It is just not right. B. I hate people who don't show up during a scheduled meeting/appointment whether in or out of work. C. People who "get cheap on me".