Davao Graphic Designers Community (DGDC) once again showcases the best of local talent as it released Issue No. 5 of DGDC Web Magazine digitally and in print for the very first time, proving that life and culture is indeed here in Davao.



This marks an important milestone for the design community. “We conceptualized the magazine with the goal of making a platform for local designers to be featured and made known,” says DGDC founder Marx Consuegra. With the release of a print edition internationally, the community gains greater reach and recognition for its members as well as an opportunity to grow, something its partners in the industry agree to. “Davao has some great talent, as good as what you find in Manila or Cebu or abroad,” observes Panabo-based design studio PixelPartners, Inc. And with this new development, all these talents can be made known worldwide.

DGDC is a 3,000-member-strong collective that aims to foster and showcase artists while building a progressive and supportive community for them. It has released magazines online since 2013 and is an active participant and driver of art-centered events in the city since 2012, organizing events like the annual Davao Art Attack! and the bi-monthly Designers’ Meetup to display artworks, sell merchandise, exchange knowledge and contacts and promote the local scene. The fifth issue of DGDC Magazine can be purchased for print-on-demand through Lulu.com.


About DGDC: DGDC is a community of graphic designers, illustrators, and other visual artists from or based on Davao City and surrounding areas to connect, share ideas and reach out. Check out our Facebook page at fb.com/DGDCommunity and our website at magazine.davaographicdesigners.com. For further inquiries, you may contact us at dgdcmag@gmail.com.