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    Express Your Hugot Feelings Through Art this Valentines Day!


    Valentine’s Day is once again upon us, and there’s plenty of #hugot feels going around along with the standard chocolates and roses. Whether you are currently dating someone, blessedly single or hurting, everyone has hugot feels now and then. Bitter over your friend’s perfect relationship? Friendzoned? Can’t move on from the one who got away? We all know how that feels, and we love talking about being heartbroken. But how about making your excruciating hugot into something beautiful, by turning it into art?

    Research shows that doodling helps reduce stress, even ones brought about by matters of the heart. In an article by Cathy Malchiodi for Psychology Today magazine, doodling is a way to think and feel differently. Art helps put feelings into focus and redirecting it into something more positive. And this is exactly what the good folks at the Davao Graphic Designers Community (DGDC) are doing for Hearts Day, as we compile the hugot feels of our local artists into our sixth issue to get you over the pain of love gone astray.

    From calligraphy that artfully spells out words of love wisdom to paintings and designs inspired by heartache to relate to and inspire, from films that tug at the heartstrings to the stories of five artists as they struggle for their affair with the arts, Issue No. 6 of DGDC Magazine has it all. And if you’re all out of love, don’t worry we still have something for you! Look out for advice on how to conquer the procrastination monster, and get up to speed with the latest in Davao’s art scene. All this and more is coming your way when DGDC Magazine Issue No. 6 goes out on early March!