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Power Dressing Tips For Your Job Interview

Davao's Grad: Prepping Up for Real World Part 2

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When applying for a job, the number one rule is…

Make the best first impression, however, most often than not this aspect is often regarded the least since most are focused on prepping up their resume with all the goods juices to land a job.

As mentioned in my First Article “How to write an effective and impressive resume”, Resumes or CV’s is just your ticket to land a scheduled interview and not the job itself.

Now let me share you some pointers to really impress your future employer by POWER DRESSING during your job interview:

First always remember that you only have one chance to make a good FIRST IMPRESSION, simply because your appearance tells others how you feel about yourself, which can define how others will treat you. Remember that your corporate ladder climb will be easier if you look like you belong in the company you are applying into.

Secondly, your appearance plays a supporting role in the interview process, it can convey strong feelings of trust to a prospective employer. In addition, your appearance can convey a sense of self-confidence, dependability and professionalism which can determine how people will react to you when you meet them.

Now here are some tips:

Let’s talk about colors that work when dressing up for an interview…

  • Dark to medium range blues
  • Navy Blue – respected by all socio-economic levels
  • Gray
  • Camel / Beige
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

Color to avoid will depend on the gender for example, most women are fairer and has pale skin tones, thus they must avoid most pastels, especially pale yellow and bright orange for this will be so difficult to look at from an employer’s perspective. While on the other hand, men must avoid most shades of green and mustard yellow since they are naturally darker or reddish toned skin. Dark Colors make you seem more powerful; only use when you need control or applying for a higher or managerial position.

Choosing the right clothes to wear is important as preparing your resume as well, you need to always choose a two-piece matched suit, not like you are wearing a brown khaki pants and you have a green blazer which is totally odd looking. Remember to always stick with the basic. Knee-length skirt for women and tailored and pressed pants for men, tailored long-sleeve shirt or blouse. It is a must to use minimal cologne so that you will not be a walking air freshener and minimal make makeup since you are apply for a professional job and not a night club.  Use leather lace-up or slip-in shoes for men and closed-toe pumps for women. Shoes color must never be lighter than the hem of your skirt or pants, and it should be clean and shiny, plus men should always wear clean, fresh and dark colored socks. While the ladies can wear run-free stockings or foot socks. Belts should be classic, quality leather with no fancy overly intricate designed buckles. Bags and briefcases must be small, dark-colored leather briefcase, enough to fit your resumes and personal things. Ladies must also wear minimal jewelries, no dangling earrings, nor seven days bracelets or too many necklaces. Men should have a classy formal watch, and they should never match a G-Shock or sports watch in a smart casual or formal professional attire. For Scarfs and Neck ties, preferably it should be made of silk for a classy formal look.

Finally, all will be wasted if you will not groom yourself properly, so this is one of the integral part that all should never ever omit. Both men and women must bathe properly and must take note of the following:

  • Hair – clean and neat, professional looking, Men must have a nice short haircut and must be clean shaven, never sport long Korean style sideburns, or setting up your hair like a Korean pop star imitating Simba of the Lion King, While ladies must at least make sure their face is clear from any hair such as overly hanging bangs. Ladies may pony tail their hair, braid them, and use a simply classy hair band or clips.
  • Details – no missing buttons, lint or tags on your clothes, especially ladies high hills shoes, makes sure the tag prices are removed on the sole under the shoes.
  • Hands – clean, manicured fingernails. Men should never have their pinky finger nails grow long it will never give a good first impression.
  • Fit – clean, pressed and proper fit clothes. Never wear oversized clothes because this will make a formal wear look so informal. You don’t want to look like a Hip-Hop Rapper during your very first job interview right?
  • Smell – little or no cologne; no cigarette odor. Please let’ us be sensitive with what the employer may feel if your cologne is to strong that it will burn the interviewers nostril or if you smell like burning nicotine. Do yourself a favor to not smoking before an interview and to just use, citrus, woody or minty sent colognes.
  • Breath – fresh, clean breath; use a breath mint, Need I say more?

I hope this will surely help you prep up for your job hunting. Again the rule is stick with the basic and be simple. Good luck!!!