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Franchise Launch of ‘Macho Mucho’ & ‘Crown and Glory’ in Davao City


In the presence of the brain behind Macho Mucho, Salon For Men established 3 years ago and ‘Crown and Glory’ developed a year ago in GenSan. Mr. Ralph Oliver Lyco a BSBA graduate and a Marketing genius, in partnership with his sister Helen Kaye Layco a BS Industrial Engineering Graduate from New Era University and the CEO of SAM Holdings Inc., On October 28, 2015 at Café Demitasse was the ‘Macho Mucho’ and ‘Crown and Glory’ Franchise Launch providing business opportunity for aspiring business enthusiast.

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It is very inspiring to know how the siblings started their businesses. Making sense of their life by helping other people partnered with compassion and wits. Macho Mucho came to life from an idea of self-satisfaction when it comes to beauty pampering for men. Mr. Layco quoted “From understanding that the barber shop industry is too laid back with regular cuts and monotonous attitude towards hair cutting, while salons are mostly feminine, with feminine stereotype magazines and services, having it experience myself during a family tragedy. I asked myself why not create a salon service that is mainly will address men’s sense of belongingness when it comes to salon experience. Crown and Glory’ in the other hand was materialized after seeing the few loyal customers in the existing Macho Mucho Salon. Seeing them make him feel how devastating it would be, knowing your hairline is going backwards, or having gradual baldness as a result of poor lifestyle, toxic environment and from the kind of hair products we usually have.”

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Presently, with its continuing success, it aims to lead and dominate amongst hair care line products and services here in Davao City and is working out to expand their operations by means of Franchising.

Joined by Mr. Armando O. Bartolome President of GMB Franchise Developers and considered as the “Franchise Guru of the Philippines.” He has high hopes for the product as it has the quality of what a high end quality product is, that will surely dominate majority of the market when it comes to products and services. He even envisioned that the featured product has its high probability to dominate not only locally but internationally.

Business wisdom from the “Franchise Guru of the Philippines”

Finding success as an entrepreneur can often come with a number of challenges. No matter what industry you are in, or how long you have been working at it, there will always be obstacles to overcome and challenges that come your way. Starting your own business is comparable to walking through an unfamiliar room with the lights off. Certain actions should be done first so you’ll have something that serves a glow-in-the-dark blueprint of that dark room so you know what to do next.

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During the launch Mr. Bartolome stressed that “If you want to do well, you need to start a company in an industry that you are truly passionate about, and there must also be a commitment which will be the key to a successful business and not the amount of what you are investing into your business.” As opportunity doesn’t come back says Mr. Bartolome, you must be driven to make things happen. He also sighted mileage of going into franchising as the above mentioned local quality brand is offering.

Association with a well-established brand, reputation and product or service, assistance with outlet design and equipment purchasing and access to established standard procedures, operating manuals and stock control systems as well as perfect inventory system. He also added that in any business structure Market study and knowing the owners must be considered as well.


For Macho Mucho and Crown and Glory Franchising opportunity feel free to contact 0930.793.2802. Limited number of franchisees only per area.