Every end of the year Davao Eagle Online recognizes the Davaoeños who contributed to our society and made an impact both on the internet and behind the online scene. Whether it be Davao’s online and social media trends, song cover, influential individuals from various spheres of life, a viral video of a random act, or an internet sensation — name it! Spreading the good vibe is done everywhere, and Davao never fails to amaze the world through its people.

The year has just ended. So now, it’s time to reveal the cards and let the netizens decide! Who will be the winners of Davao’s Year-End Poll Awards (YEPA) 2015?

YEPA 2015 has over 20 categories:

  • Davao’s Athlete of the Year
  • Davao’s Hunk of the Year
  • Davao’s Babe of the Year
  • Davao’s Facebook Star of The Year
  • Davao’s Twitter Star of the Year
  • Davao’s Instagram Star of the Year
  • Davao’s YouTube Star of the Year
  • Davao’s Music Artist of the Year
  • Davao’s Band of the Year
  • Davao’s Song Cover of the Year
  • Davao’s Performer of the Year
  • Davao’s Most Liked Group or Tandem
  • Davao’s Most Liked Radio/TV Personality
  • Davao’s Most Influential Personality
  • Davao’s Campus Sweetheart
  • Davao’s Campus Heartthrob
  • Davao’s Partyphile of the Year
  • Davao’s Fashion Icon of the Year
  • Davao’s Photographer of the Year
  • Davao’s Viner of the Year
  • Davao’s Viral Video of the Year
  • Davao’s Confession Page of the Year

Many were nominated for each category, but only a few made it to the final list.

Here are the YEPA finalists:
(Click on the category name to view the finalists and vote.)

Rules and Mechanics:

*All votes will come from Facebook alone. Sharing on other social media sites is allowed, but only FB votes or likes will be counted. So, share your favorite’s FB voting link (photo) and put “CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE” on your posts to ensure votes are added.

*One (1) like = One (1) vote

*People outside Davao Region can also vote for their favorites.

*Winners will be based from the most number of likes per category.

*Offensive comments about the finalists will be removed. Let’s encourage good vibes instead! 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your YEPA favorite now and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends! Cast your votes NOW!!

Voting is until January 8, 2016. Winners will be announced at the YEPA 2015 Awards night on the second week of January 2016. Details will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Davao Eagle Online does not own any of the photos in the set cards. Photos are credited to the finalists themselves. Should anyone wish to remove or claim credit to any of the photos used, please send us a private message at Davao Eagle Online Facebook Page. We’ll do our best to respond immediately.