1 day to go until the summer experience of a lifetime, the Summerfrolic 2016! Exciting, right? But don’t let the excitement overwhelm you too much because it might result to regrets and unmet expectations. Whether first time party-goers or not, it’s really important to plan ahead to make sure you’ll come equipped with the proper supplies. To those people who also experienced Summerfrolic 2014 like me, I know each of you have your own unlikely moments. I gathered some feedbacks and unwanted incidents from my friends and summed it all up in this article to help you avoid the same mishaps we had.

dan02 - flickr
Davao Metro Shuttle by dan02 – flickr

How to get there– If you are a resident of Davao City, I’m pretty sure you know where to find the Ecoland Bus Terminal. Look for Land Car Inc. or Davao Metro Shuttle Buses because these two are the only bus companies bound for Mati. Air conditioned bus fare is around 250 pesos and travel time is about 2-4 hours depending on the traffic situation. Buses usually leave every hour from 4AM to 6PM. Another option are those van terminals found at Victoria Plaza or GMALL. There are a lot of vans positioned outside the respective malls that are also Mati bound and considered faster than buses. I suggest you go to the terminals earlier to avoid the rush hour.

Road to Mati Davao Oriental by engineer mae – flickr

Touchdown Mati! – Upon arrival at the Mati Bus Terminal from Davao City, you can take a tricycle or a single motorcycle to bring you to your desired place. Fare ranges from 40 – 60 pesos but there’s no harm in trying to haggle with the driver though. It would take you around 20 minutes to reach Dahican from the terminal.

A view at Masao beach, Mati, Davao Oriental by marlon diwata - flickr
A view at Masao beach, Mati, Davao Oriental by marlon diwata – flickr

Where to stay? – Planning to stay at a hotel or resort? Refer to: Summerfrolic 2015: And here we go. If you are in a tight budget or in for a more adventurous experience, you and your friends can just stay at your respective cars or you can bring your own tents. A lot of people usually go for the tent suite! Haha. Just be sure to be mindful with your belongings.

Dahican Beach by keith bacongco - flickr
Dahican Beach by keith bacongco – flickr

Overnight 101 – There are certain things that you should NEVER forget to bring: Your hygiene kit. A toothbrush and a toothpaste, small soap, shampoo and a floss pick. Of course, you wouldn’t want to smell like alcohol or that “pulutan” you ate last night in the morning. Sunblock. Sun damage on our skin is irreversible. Chap sticks, moisturizers and mosquito repellant lotions. Summer is the hottest time of the year! So girls, prevent your lips and skin from drying by using such. Moreover, during night time, always remember to rub some mosquito repellant lotion to avoid those mosquito bites.