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Rotating Power Interruption Guide (Groups and Schedules)


You may have been asking about your area’s rotating brownout schedule and which of those letters represent your area on DLPC’s power interruption schedule.

Unfortunately, Davao Light and Power Company just recently announced its extension of power interruptions until May 1, 2016.

April 13 to May 1 Sched

To know your area’s group please check these tables below:

Group A

group A1

group A2

group A3

group A4

group A9

group A8

group A7

group A6

group A5


Group B

group B1

group B2

group B3

group B4

group B5

group B6

group B7

group B8


Group C

group C1

group C2

group C3

group C4

group C5

group C6

group C7

group C8

From DLPC Faceboook Page

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