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    Just Sing With Me

    I can’t sing, I can’t sing
    I just don’t sing
    Or play the guitar with you.
    I can’t sing, I can’t sing
    I just don’t sing
    Or play the piano with you.
    I just can’t play music
    Like you do
    But I love you.And you said,
    You can sing
    You can sing
    Just sing like I do
    Then wish to sing
    And you’ll always find a song.
    Please just sing with me
    It brings joy to my heart
    I can’t help but smile

    Sounds of our melodies
    That we truly adore
    Brings us pure pleasure
    As our spirits do soar
    Making each other’s happy
    Would be our ultimate goal
    Our life is our love song
    Our souls is our music
    And our hearts is our place
    Just sing with me always.

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    I am one but I'm still one. I can't do everything but I can still do something and because I can still do something I will not refuse that something that I can do. I am a joyfully single, I love love to endure hardships and persevere with it coz I know I will have a crown in the end. I am Darizza Lucylia E. Pjaron and call me "Darling" for short. I was raised by a loving and disciplened family. I love to write anything that I feel. I also love to play badminton and volleyball whenever I have nothing to do with. I am a resident of Toril Davao City for 21 years and still counting on. Just one thing that I'm holding on to is "There's always a time for everything". That's why I'm always keeping my patience no matter what life brings me.