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Art Portal Davao Presents “Dispossessed” By Leonilo Doloricon


Art Portal Davao will feature Leonilo “Neil” Doloricon in an exhibition entitled "Dispossessed." The works are mostly limited edition prints that are visually compelling and thought provoking at the same time. 1988, art critic and University of the Philippines Professor Emeritus Alice Guillermo writes how a group of artists chose the working class as the subject of their works. In...

Express Your Hugot Feelings Through Art this Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is once again upon us, and there’s plenty of #hugot feels going around along with the standard chocolates and roses. Whether you are currently dating someone, blessedly single or hurting, everyone has hugot feels now and then. Bitter over your friend’s perfect relationship? Friendzoned? Can’t move on from the one who got away? We all know how...

Sight We Don’t Want to See


Seeing the wonderful colors of nature in full shade with no obstruction or monochromatique fortification is what makes us feel alive. This is Life as we define. Diverse. Intense. Colorful. This is what I believe. Colors do not fade. Future do not fade. It keeps on developing and developing as what it is- A cycle. I’m living a life craving for genuine...

Afternoon Sun

Walking under the afternoon sun gives me this feeling of nostalgia. Everytime I go out for an afternoon walk, I always remember how I once hated the idea of "siesta". According to Merriam-Webster, it is basically "a regular period of sleep or rest in the afternoon in some hot countries", like the Philippines. I see, I was born and...