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Sinuglaw Distinctively Davao

Photo by www.philippinecuisine.net

Kinilaw, or Ceviche if you will, is a well known appetizer throughout the world, from Asia to Mediterranean. The fresh seafood catch is marinated in acid vinegar, lemon or lime with herbs and ginger and most often bird’s eye chili pepper to round of the tangy taste and to give it that kick it needs (and some say to balance of the sliminess of the catch).

What makes Davao distinctive on its own is the twist of fusing sinugba (grilled meat) with the kinilaw (ceviche) and coming up with our very own Sinuglaw (Sinugbang Kinilaw).

Photo by www.philippinetraveler.com
Photo by www.philippinetraveler.com

It’s a perfect twist to the light and tangy appetizer of seafood. More of our very own version of a Surf and Turf.

Versions may vary and if you ask anybody here in Davao, they will most likely give you their own version of our “home grown” dish.

What I can tell you is a must for the Sinuglaw is lots of cucumber and radish thinly sliced, slices of ginger, bird’s eye chili pepper, I like using calamansi or lemoncito (our native version of the lime), 1/4 kilo to every 1/2 kilo of seafood, and salt and pepper to taste.

Grill meat to liking, although personally I like mine just done. Chop and top on kinilaw when it’s ready to eat. Mix well.

Perfect to accompany a round of beer or steaming cup of rice.