Globe’s Global Filipino Schools launched Its elibrary to benefit over 15 Million K-12 public school students and more than 500 Thousand public school teachers during the National Teachers Day celebration last September 30 at Ateneo de Davao University.
The contains more than 1,000 free downloadable K-12 appropriate content ebooks for core-subjects.


It’s easy download, you just need to create an account in Just fill in the one-pager account information and you can now have access to more than 1,000 ebooks in different core-subjects. From math to science all the way to literature, music and arts, the has everything in store for you.
Global Filipino Schools also launched the Mind Museum that answers the problem of Public Schools lack of access to quality content to create an engaged learning experience in the classroom.

It’s been cited that the major key challenge there is that there’s a shortage and lack of textbooks and quality instructional materials. In 2013, DepEd reported 60 Million shortage of textbooks. UNESCO also states that the quality of basic education is deteriorating over the years.

The Mind Museum mobile app contains different activities and exhibits that the students will enjoy and learn at the same time. It contains Mind Moving Ideas, a timely update on new science facts and museum events and promos; Exhibit Guides, contains information about 250+ exhibits – what we know it, how we know it and what do we do with it; Learning Footpaths, it contains maps leading you to a collection of exhibits related to specific science topic; Mind-starters, a level-specific question and answer game as you go around the museum; DIY Experiments, a collection of thirty of mostly favorite experiments, with guides on how to do them on your own; K-12 Topics and Newsletters.

The Mind Museum mobile app is downloadable in App Store and Google Play Store.

The eLibrary and the mobile app is essential to the development of the Philippine education system as this may reach even in the convenience of the teachers and students home.


The Global Filipino Schools is envisioning to upscale the current educational system of the country by providing connectivity, ICT equipment, Teachers’ training and Infrastructure support to 221 public schools. They aim to address the problems of these public school in quality of education and internet connectivity of these campuses.

Right now, there are 20 public schools turned to Global Filipino Schools, trained 7,227 Global Filipino Teachers and 41,038 students are enjoying the 21st Century Learning inside their classrooms.

By year 2020, the Global Filipino School targets to have GFS in each of 221 DepEd Division nationwide.