Over the weekend, a photo of the billboard located in Recto Avenue and Morayta in Manila circulated online. It has Erich Gonzales’ real name – Erika Chryselle Gancayco – with a bit of word play: “I can’t even espresso how much I like you a latte. Will you drink coffee with me?”

The billboard was put up by Christian “Xian” Gaza, a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Guanxiqian Group, a company based in Hong Kong.  On his social media accounts, Xian said he met Erich in January at the Uptown Mall Cinema in Taguig while watching the last full show of fantasy film Assassin’s Creed. He even posted a photo of them together. In his July 1 Facebook post, he snapped a picture of the said billboard with a caption, “They say it’s first time in Philippine history.”I say: That’s how special you are to me.”

Erich already acknowledged the effort of young businessman. She texted her fellow Dabawenya Darla, “Hi Darls!!! ? How are you? Hahaha!!! Ang cute ng effort ni Kuya. It’s fine. Let’s see when I get back. There’s nothing wrong naman if we talk over coffee, pero dapat kasama ka. Hahaha!!! See you soon Darls!”

While some netizens applauded Xian for his jaw-dropping coffee invite, others questioned his real motives and calling the move obsessive.

Today July 4, Social Media Influencer from Davao, Dewanie Catapang revealed the identity of the young CEO, tagging him as Social Media Hokage. She wrote: “Stop believing everything you see in social media. Stop preaching men like Xian Gaza. Investigate before you fall for the trick!”

Dewaine claimed that she can’t stand Xian’s gimmick. “Hi, I just want to reveal what he’s up to. That’s all, plus I’m sick and tired of all his “paandars” this has to stop. ??”

She then added, “I know people will criticize me for this, but I dont care I just want the people to know the truth about this guy. Let this be an eye-opener”

She also posted receipts of failed transactions and celebrities who had been scammed by the bachelor.

So what do you think? Genuine or Social Media Gimick?

Today Xian Gaza trended online, occupying the 4th spot on Twitter.

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