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Boy Damgo

Men follows the path of romanticism, and clearly I'm one of those men, despite the fact that love knows no boundaries. I myself believe that it only depends on how a certain person perceives it, and for me I experienced and witnessed love in different ways, wherein each one of those moments would weep your eyes out from crying or blow you away from laughing, somewhat ambivalence, but seriously I'm the kind of guy who views life positively. I wish to inspire people by sharing my romantic yet filled with comedy stories, and I am hoping to open their minds to be optimistic and patient, because in Life nothing is certain, only death. Yet we defy that sad ending by enjoying our life, fulfilling our goals, reaching our dreams and someday live life without regrets. Clearly speaking I seek love wherein I find myself in peace and find my partner contented to our relationship. Read my Stories, and I'm quite sure you'll view love in a different way.