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Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk: My Kid’s New Favorite!


Plain milk is much the same as what it says: plain. While I do trust that simplicity is beauty, I don't think this specific quote applies to milk as plain milk is definitely not delightful: it's boring. In this manner, chocolate milk is a favored option particularly when drinking milk is a need to guarantee my calcium intake. What...

Why Should You Go to a Business Expo?


Business Expos are organized so that companies, especially Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. Also called as Trade Exhibition and/or Trade Show, it allows visitors to learn new products and opportunities, trending on the market. While online advertising is a great way to quickly promote product information, it does not provide...



It's another time of the year to be merry and drunk! Yes, to get drunk. I know how we, Filipinos, throw our parties and since the holiday season is just around the corner, adding some bottles of spirits on our grocery list is already a part of tradition. The table's never complete without it, eh? However, there are things we cannot...

Enjoy 50% off on Globe Broadband and Bayan Broadband deals this Christmas!


Globe Broadband is giving the gift of connectivity this Christmas through a holiday sale, where Globe Broadband and Bayan Broadband plans will be available for 50% off in select areas! For Globe Broadband, Plans 999 (1 Mbps / 20GB data), 1099 (2 Mbps / 20GB data), 1199 (5 Mbps / 100GB data), 1299 (10 Mbps / 100GB data), and 1599...

How To Be FB Safe? Facebook introduces new safety and security resources for Filipinos


Facebook has introduced it's new tools and tips to it's 54 million strong Filipino community for an even more safe and secured Facebook experience. Mia Garlick, Director of Safety, Facebook APAC, said, “From text messages to video chat - the way we connect with each other has significantly changed over time. The trend is clear - connecting becomes faster, more...

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal: Another Season Of Giving!


It's a season of giving again and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has something in store for everyone! Presenting the 2017 edition of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Journal. This year's Giving Journal has 4 different cover colors that you can choose from and each color bears different icons that represents the commitment of CBTL in giving back to...

Jolly Cow’s Chocolate Milk: Not Just Your Regular Chocolate Drink


Chocolate-flavored drinks is one of favorite pambaon of Filipino moms to their kids when going to school. It is also one of the favorite meriendas of Filipino households. Choco-flavored drinks contribute to 43% of the total RTD milk in the Philippines and is growing by 4%. Mothers always thought that the regular chocolate drinks they buy in their local grocers are...

#EtiquetteForKatkats: Dining at a Fancy Restaurant


One day, somebody invited you for a dinner in a fancy ‘katkat’ resto and, of course, you say ‘Yes’ (bes, minsan lang to. Gorabels na!). At the resto, you we’re surprised kase naman bat ang raming spoons and forks sa table pero sige, gora lang, pang iPhone 7 din to (lol joke!). However, you feel out of place kase...

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