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    4 of the best Sing-Along Spots in Davao


    Davao City is also considered as one of the wellsprings of musical talents in the country. One sure way of checking out where these talented Davaoeños sing their heart outs is at the local KTV Bars. Here are my top picks for the best places to sing your heart out in:

    THE GIMIK. It is scattered almost everywhere in the downtown area where you can find the most affordable VIP room for you to shout your ass out. My choice branch is in Rizal St. (across Rizal Promenade). Their mini VIP rooms can be rented per hour and it can occupy 8-10 persons. All you have to do is leave your valid I.D. in the counter and you are all set up.

    CATS AND DOGS. It has eight videoke rooms. It charges 100 pesos per hour per room for unlimited songs or 50 pesos per hour but with each song costing you 5 pesos. The customer is allowed to bring in food but not drinks. Cats and Dogs is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Also, there are food stations outside Cats and Dogs where you can order some food and take with you to your karaoke room. You can choose from grilled meat, even the famous Asian dish we all know as the Kabab. Yes, they have that one too, in Majid’s Kabab, a small restaurant outside Cats and Dogs. They are conveniently located along Rizal St., Davao City.

    K1. K1 Bar and Restaurant is in Torres St. Davao City. It has a wide site like a campus with exclusive VIP rooms at the very reasonable price. If singing is not on the list, have a drink and dine in their lounge and go chat with your friends. It has huge black couches really great for lazy surfing! Not too many people hang out here, which is all the better. If you get hungry in the middle of chatting/surfing, no problem, their menu has excellent food variety and so are the drinks.

    THE WORLD PALACE. In Ecoland, Davao City a paradise haven for the singers and frustrated singers. The World Palace has classy room and has different theme in each room. Though it’s a little bit expensive but it is worth to spend your money due to its classy room and hospitable crew. The place is like a medieval castle with floral design in its lawn outside. It’s like you are traveling around the world with their themed spacious rooms.

    These bars are surefire places to spend a night of wholesome crooning fun.

    That’s all folks! I know there are lots of KTV bars out there. Just give us a buzz if you found a place so we can check it out, too!

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