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    Davao Eagle will show you why Davao is considered as one of the wellsprings of exceptional talents in the country. And it’s more than following a trend, but spotting those who they truly are.

    For this week, DE presents Gerome.

    Every person is born for a destined purpose. The purpose of having the precious chance to experience and to live life. Blessing as it is as a person was born to share and to extend his compassion to others. A person who believes in determination comes an assurance of success. A person who believes that everything should be done in the glory of God. This person is blessed with his skills in hosting. A soon-to-be teacher who considers love as the greatest foundation of teaching. This is no other than Gerome Ray J. Sanoy a twenty year old graduating student from the University of Southeastern Philippines Bo., Obrero, Davao City. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Educaiton major in Biological Science. Has hosted different events here in Davao and in several Colleges and Universities. He has hosted in:

    • 1st USEP Oplan Kaalam Scholars Congress – “Scholars on the Move” @USEP (2011)
    • 2012 Young Collections- Walter Quijada- Fashion Show @City Live Davao (2012)
    • Fame International Masquerade Christmas Party @Bonifacio Bar (2010)
    • Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2012 @USEP (2012)
    • Nograles Scholars Christmas Party @USEP (2011)
    • Pre-Employment Seminar for Local Applicants: PESLA @USEP (2012)
    • Quiz Bowl Competition: College of Education Festival @USEP (2012)
    • Quiz Bowl Competition: Palarong Obrero The 2012 Intramurals @USEP (2012)
    • Quiz Bowl Competition: Palarong Obrero The 2012 Intramurals Inter-School Competition @USEP (2012)
    • Ring Hop Ceremony and Senior’s Night @Marco Polo Hotel (2012)
    • Sayaw Pinoy: The International Ballet Show @USEP (2012)
    • Science and Mathematics Quiz Bowl @USEP (2010)
    • Search for Prince and Princess Royale 2012 Coronation Night @NCCC Mall Davao(2012)
    • Search for Prince and Princess Royale 2012 Talent Night @City Live Davao (2012)
    • Song Competition: Palarong Obrero The 2012 Intramurals @USEP (2012)
    • Song Competition: United Future Educators of Davao @PWC(2011)
    • Student Teaching Exit Conference @USEP (2012)
    • Student Teaching Pre-Deployment Seminar – Workshop on “Educational Policies, Pedagogies and Teaching as Profession” @USEP (2011)
    • USEP Lurve Day @USEP (2012)

    I am the kind of person who believes anything is possible as long as you believe in it hard enough and strive hard to achieve it,” he shares. As to extend his talents and skills you can reach him through his Facebook account and he will give you more of extraordinary ideal of what he really is.