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    Top 100 Faces of Davao


    The Search for the Top 100 Faces of Davao  is now open! It’s time to rank!


    • No fee is necessary to join the search
    • You should be from Davao, currently enrolled  from different schools in Davao or working here in Davao are eligible to join
    • Must have a picture of yourself anywhere on your FB page and must be recognizable by other FB users
    • Those with existing modeling contracts that include exclusivity clauses may not join the search

    Just leave your nominations in the comment section. Please include nominees main address and FB link.


    1. Juan dela Cruz/ Matina, Davao City/  http://www.facebook.com/JuanDelaCruz
    2. Maria Clara/ Tagum, Davao Oriental / http://www.facebook.com/Mariaclara

    The photos and profiles of the nominees will be uploaded on the Davao Eagle Online Facebook page and DavaoEagle.Com. The highest number of votes will win.

    P.S. Comments containing nominations are filtered. They will not appear in the comment section.


    1. Top 3: Free deep cleansing facial, diamond peel embrasion and body massage from Pacific Spa
    2. Top 100: Exposure on www.davaoeagle.com
    3. More prizes to be revealed soon…